Tuesday, November 27, 2007

And a Big Fuck You to You Know Who You Are

This story from MSNBC shows that online sales on the monday after thanksgiving are up 21% on last year, for a total of $733 million in one day and so far for the month of Novemember we have about 11 Billion dollars US sales, up from last year despite a drop in per consumer spending!!!!!

Cyber Monday’ racks up $733 million online
Holiday season sales up 21 percent over last year for Web merchants

In 2003 I remember changing my CV for a while to remove the word web and internet from it. After all the "smart" people in 2003 could tell you the web was nothing but a bubble, a massive hype job that would never amount to anything.

Though in 2003 it was easy to find people who would say such things its now hard to find anyone who would admit to having said it. We live in an age of Internet addiction not collapse. But somewhere in your hearts you must know who you are and I just wanted to say fuck you you were wrong and I was right!!!!

Now that felt good. Didn't make up for having to change my CV in 2003 to hide my years of Intneret work but it felt good.