Thursday, January 31, 2008

Major Test Case in Windows to Ubuntu Linux Conversion in French Police

No More Windows For The French Police
France's policy to move to open-source software delivered one more blow to Microsoft: the Gendarmerie Nationale will have completely abandoned the Windows OS in about 6 years.

The computers, currently running Windows XP, will gradually be transformed into Ubuntu Linux machines. Around 5,000-8,000 computers are scheduled to make the switch this year, with 12,000-15,000 systems being set as the average transition rhythm for the following year.

According to the Gendarmerie Nationale, the transition should be completed in 2014.

The move towards open source software began three years ago. Back in 2005, Microsoft's word processing application was dumped in favor of open source alternatives. One year later, the same fate occurred to the Internet Explorer browser, also defeated by the open source alternatives.

The announcement is undoubtedly bad news for Microsoft. First of all, the company loses a large source of income. Second, it's all about the power of example and no doubt that other governments will at least think about adopting similar solution.

All in all, France is definitely marked as “not-friendly” on Microsoft's world map.

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I guess I always assumed this had already been done

Seeds destined for the 'doomsday' vault (Image: IITA)
The first seeds to arrive in Norway had travelled from Nigeria
The first consignment of seeds bound for the "doomsday vault" on Svalbard have arrived in Norway.

Twenty-one boxes containing 7,000 seed samples from 36 African nations were sent by the Nigeria-based International Institute of Tropical Agriculture.

The final leg of the journey will take the seeds to the remote Arctic Island.

The vault is intended to act as insurance so that food production can be restarted anywhere on Earth after a regional or global catastrophe.

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Jangl Powering Anonymous Phone Sex On PlentyOfFish


When it comes to connecting with new friends safely and privately, Jangl fits the bill. The “Social Communications Widget” lets you make calls, send SMSs, and leave voice mails without exposing anyone’s phone number through a simple widget.

In contrast to their competitor, Jaxtr, they’ve been mainly spreading through a series of direct deals with social networking sites (, Tagged, AdultFriendFinder, and Fubar) and a Facebook/Bebo application (potentially on 80 million profiles). Jaxtr, on the other hand, has been spreading mainly through email links and personal websites (5 million users in under 5 months).

Now they’ve forged a deal to be featured on the maverick of dating sites, PlentyOfFish. PlentyOfFish is like every other dating site you’ve heard of, but free. Free has actually paid off pretty well for founder Markus Frind, who runs the site from his Vancouver apartment and takes in over $10 million a year in advertising.

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MySpace Opens API: Is It Soon Enoug?

MySpace opens doors to developersMySpace will open its doors to software developers allowing them to create games and media-sharing applications for the popular social network.

MySpace will formally launch its "Developer Platform" next Tuesday but is already allowing people to sign up.

The tools have been developed with Google and will allow programmers to create programs similar to those used by millions on rival site Facebook.

MySpace webpage

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Google 'improves' mobile search

Woman holding mobile phone

Google 'improves' mobile search

Google has launched a new search service for mobile phones, promising "faster" and "more relevant results".

The facility gathers regular and mobile web results, news, images and local listings, meaning people no longer have to specify a type of search.

An improved "local search experience" is based on Google's belief that mobile search is more often used to find area information such as cinema listings.

The service is now available in the UK, France, Germany and Canada.

It has been available in the US since March last year.

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Oppps She Did It Again

TMZ: Spears taken by ambulance to hospital

Police confirmed to the Associated Press early Thursday that she had been taken from her home by ambulance. A Los Angeles police officer, who requested anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on the matter, told the AP the 26-year-old pop star was being taken to "get help" but did not say where the ambulance was going.

It would be the second 5150 hold for Spears in less than a month. She was hospitalized the night of Jan. 3 after a child custody dispute with ex-husband Kevin Federline resulted in an hours-long standoff with police.

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Google Founders Make it on Loyalty

It might interest you that shortly before Google went public in 2004, Larry, Sergey and CEO Eric Schmidt made a 20 year pact. According to an interview in Fortune magazine, the trio says, "We agreed the month before we went public that we should work together for 20 years." If the promise is carried to fruition, Schmidt will be 69, Page 51, and Brin 50 before they're eligible to retire. Of course, none of this is legally binding. But isn't a gentleman's agreement more desirable in a world where "do no evil" is a fundamental axiom? Sure, dreamers.

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Research and Technology in Life, on the Web

DEMO 08 Panel: Research and Technology in Life, on the Web

January 31, 2008 — by Kristen Nicole — — Add a Comment

barlow.pngThe mid-session panel on the first day of DEMO typically consists of individuals that are using technology for their research purposes. This year was no exception. The two individuals that participated in the panel were Dr. Steven M. Barlow, Professor, SPLH, Programs in Neuroscience, Human Biology, and Bioengineering at the University of Kansas, and Yannis Papakonstantinou, Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, School of Engineering at the University of California, San Diego. Both are working on two very different projects. Dr. Barlow’s is more tangible, and Papakonstanitinou’s is quite web-based.

With Dr. Barlow’s work with infants, he has actually created a mechanism for triggering certain brain development in pre-term infants so that they will be able to feed on their own once it’s time for them to come off of feeding tubes. The background on Dr. Barlow’s device is necessary, so bear with me for a moment.

When a pre-term infant is born, most of you know that it needs a lot of support in an incubator in order to finish developing outside the womb. As the machines used to support the pre-term infant do a good amount of the work for that infant, certain stimuli is lacking in the pre-term infant’s brain that would otherwise trigger development for necessities like learning how to suck (a feeding basic for infants). Technology working directly with the brain. Reminds me of another DEMO panel I saw last year…


What Dr. Barlow has created is an Actifier and NTrainer, upon which the pre-term infant’s pacifier can be placed, and they will imitate the motions needed in order to get the pre-term infant’s brain to make the neural connections for learning such necessary behavior. Once the infant is taken off the feeding machines in the incubator, its learning will not be staggered, and it will be more prepared for life on its own, easing the transition for the baby, the hospital staff, and the parents.

app2you-logo.pngWhile Dr. Barlow’s research in technology has led to a very physical manifestation of a tool that can be used to stimulate pre-term infant brain development, Papakonstantinou’s research involves an algorithm that has been used to develop an automated query process for the creation of web applications. Called app2you, it works by pulling data from your existing site’s content, and utilizing it for recommendations consisting of items like feeds, forms, calendars, contact information etc. The example Papakonstantinou offered was that of a company website that could use app2you’s automated query function to determine what content to place on the Jobs page. App2you suggested that items such as the website URL, contact email address and more important stuff like current openings and job application forms.


Clients pick and choose which content will be used, and format it with basic drag’n'drop technology. In using a tool such as app2you for a very automated process of creating an entire application, the larger potential for lowering the barrier to entry for web apps and social networks is practically here. In taking a closer took at app2you and getting the chance to speak with Papakonstantinou, I wondered two things: will this automated query process be utilized for recommendations across applications, and will it become more customized for the client? The answer to both of these questions turned out to be “yes.”

As app2you is an ongoing research project, the continued amassing of data based on the way in which each client utilizes the recommendations offered by its tool will in fact help tweak the algorithm to make the product better for all clients that will use app2you in the future. Considering the future for app2you is just over the horizon, it will be necessary for its end products to be able to integrate perfectly with a client’s existing content. So after much debate, the team behind app2you decided that it will in fact need to allow clients to customize colors, formats, backgrounds, headers, and a slew of other options.

[image credit University of Kansas]

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Web 2.0 Marketplace Listings for January 31st, 2008

Web 2.0 Marketplace Listings for January 31st, 2008

January 31, 2008 — by Pete Cashmore — — Add a Comment

The Web 2.0 Marketplace is a place to list Web 2.0 and “New Media” websites for sale, job offers, consulting services, Facebook development services and more.


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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Second Hand Gossip on Fox Reported as News!!!!Suprise Surprise

Cooper Lawrence, the author, presenter and pop psychologist who took part in Fox News' now legendary report on Mass Effect, has told the New York Times that she regrets the comments she made during the segment. At the time she criticised the game for its sexual objectification of women - despite never having played it, or seen footage. From the article:

I recognize that I misspoke... I really regret saying that, and now that I've seen the game and seen the sex scenes it's kind of a joke. Before the show I had asked somebody about what they had heard, and they had said it's like pornography. But it's not like pornography. I've seen episodes of 'Lost' that are more sexually explicit.

Will this stop 24-hour news channels press ganging publicity-hungry 'pundits' into studio debates that they're in no way qualified to contribute to? Is the pope a traffic-accident gawking scientologist?

Meanwhile Fox and EA seem to be in loggerheads over where to go next. Apparently, EA says it's sent a letter of complaint to Fox but the network hasn't replied, Fox says it has invited EA onto the same show to put across its side of the Mass Effect story, but hasn't received a response. You'd think these hulking bastions of the modern media industry could manage to establish somekind of successful communication channel.

I can't help but think, wow, if only every story on Fox News was so passionately deconstructed by its viewers.

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Bubble to Bubble

US mortgage crisis creates ghost town

For county treasurer Jim Rokakis, the greed of the banks is to blame for this man-made disaster.

"All you needed was a pulse to buy a house. Some loans were written with no money down, no proof of buyer's incomes. They did not even check what people were saying. Most of those folks were jobless," he said in an interview.

"Shaker Heights was the perfect storm: poor folks, unemployed and a desire to get a piece of the American Dream."

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Evolution of Process in Visual Study and Eclipse

This slide is not as boring as you think.

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EU Surpases the US in Scienc?????

A chart showing change in the technological standing of the 33 nations is dominated by one feature – a long and continuous upward line that shows China moving from “in the weeds” to world technological leadership over the past 15 years.

The 2007 statistics show China with a technological standing of 82.8, compared to 76.1 for the United States, 66.8 for Germany and 66.0 for Japan. Just 11 years ago, China’s score was only 22.5. The United States peaked in 1999 with a score of 95.4.

“China has really changed the world economic landscape in technology,” said Alan Porter, another study co-author and co-director of the Georgia Tech Technology Policy and Assessment Center, which conducted the research. “When you take China’s low-cost manufacturing and focus on technology, then combine them with the increasing emphasis on research and development, the result ultimately won’t leave much room for other countries.”

The United States and Japan have both fallen in relative technological standing – though not absolute measures – because of the dramatic rise of China and other nations such as the “Asian Tigers:” South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. Japan has faltered a bit over time, and if the increasingly-integrated European Union were considered one entity instead of 27 separate countries, it would surpass the United States.

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Rudy Makes Failure History

Rudolph Giuliani's plummet from soaring Republican front-runner, to humiliated White House also-ran, ranks as one of the most spectacular flame-outs in US election history.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I Think Rudy Just Wanted a Free Florida Vacation

In the what a loser section, Rudy managed to lose a huge national lead via following a strategy.  Point here, if you have a task that smart person after smart person has done the same plan better to stick with it.  But I think Rudy never wanted to win, he just wanted the money.

Florida poll leaves Giuliani campaign in tatters

· Early results show former frontrunner trailing badly
· McCain and Romney lead key Republican primary

Ewen MacAskill in West Palm Beach
Wednesday January 30, 2008
The Guardian

Rudy Giuliani's hopes of becoming the next US president effectively ended last night after exit polls showed him trailing rivals John McCain and Mitt Romney in the all-important Florida primary.

The exit polls were too close to call a winner between McCain and Romney.

With only 30% of the results in, McCain had 34% of the vote, Romney 33% and Giuliani, who was the Republican favourite throughout most of last year, lagging well behind on 15%. Mike Huckabee was on 13%. The victor in the state's Republican contest go into next week's Super Tuesday contest - in which about half the country will be eligible to vote - with an enormous advantage.

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Image From Second Life

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To Our Fallen Pilots

Millions of Us Virtual Reality Platforms

Millions of Us


Millions of Us currently provides clients with access to three key virtual world platforms, each hosting a distinct audience and cultural environment.

Gaia Online

Gaia Online is the fastest-growing hangout on the web. Millions of teens come to Gaia every month to play games, make friends, and participate in the world's most active online community.

To learn more:

second life

Second Life is a 3D online digital world imagined and created by its residents. Residents retain the rights to their digital creations, which they can buy, sell and trade; the Second Life economy currently supports millions of US dollars in monthly transactions.

To learn more:


Zwinktopia is a virtual world for the millions of people who have created Zwinky avatars. Zwinktopia consists of dozens of games and activities that let users shop, chat with friends, play games,participate in events and hang out in their dorm.

To learn more:

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Millions of Us

Millions of Us

An Agency Specializing in Virtual Worlds

We design, activate and measure marketing programs for our clients across a wide spectrum of platforms. We build virtual worlds from the ground up and help copyright holders monetize their content by selling virtual merchandise.

Intel | Microsoft | Warner Brothers | Pontiac | Scion
IntelMicrosoftWarner BrothersPontiacScion
Millions is hiring - click here

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Amateur Cryptographer? Hey Quit Your Day Job

Last Updated: Monday, 28 January 2008, 13:19 GMT
Colossus in operation during wartime, PA
Bletchley's code-breaking effort shortened the war by many months

An amateur cryptographer who beat the British World War II computer Colossus in a code-cracking challenge has been honoured for his skills.

Joachim Schueth solved a German cipher in just 46 seconds, more than three hours quicker than the 60 year old PC.

He received a prize from the National Museum of Computing, which included a valve from the Colossus machine.

Mr Schueth deciphered the code using a laptop and a program he wrote specifically for the challenge.

"It was unfair because I was using a modern PC, while Colossus was created more than 60 years ago," he said. "It really is aston

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The Dot Bomb?

Online shopping booms in popularity

Posted by Asavin Wattanajantra at 1:12PM, Monday 28th January 2008 With the second most active web population, the UK is leading the move to online shopping.

The number of people shopping online has jumped 40 per cent in the past two years, with nearly nine out of 10 (more than 85 per cent) of the world's web users logging on to buy, according to new research.

The most active web population is in South Korea, where 99 per cent of web users shop online, followed by the UK, at 97 per cent. In the past month alone, 76 per cent of UK shoppers have purchased from sites such as eBay and Amazon.\|

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Blaming Social Networks Not Social Problems

The area falls under the jurisdiction of Bridgend and Glamorgan Valleys coroner Philip Walters. He said: 'I think people are looking for something that isn't there. As far as I can see there is no internet link. But, bear in mind I have concluded only four of the 13 inquests. There are nine still outstanding where I am waiting for toxicology reports.

'The thing that bothers me most about all of these suicides is that you look at each one as an individual, and you cannot get to the bottom of why. The vast majority are men under 30,' he said. 'I really do think we need a national suicide strategy.'

Walters has been so concerned about the increasing number that last year he issued a statement admitting that it was 'quite a high percentage and it seems to be higher in the south Wales valleys than in other parts of Wales'.

Bridgend's Labour MP, Madeleine Moon, said: 'I've been concerned about this for four years. I don't think it can be laid at the door of social deprivation. In all honesty Bridgend is not socially deprived. Perhaps one of the problems is young people need to raise their levels of aspiration.

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Digital Technology wrapped in the Mystery Genre

The story of technology is often wrapped in a genre, and this one from MSNBC shows that a gadget can, like much of SciFi, gain meaning by assuming the role of a mystery.  The key features of gadgets are compulsive use and problem solving, which we see turned heroic here:

Can photo clues lead to camera’s owner?

A discovery in a NYC taxi begins an improbable digital-age mystery

By Brian Bergstein   
updated 6:10 p.m. ET Jan. 25, 2008

At dusk on New Year's Eve, Erika Gunderson got into a taxi in New York City and entered a digital-age mystery.

Sitting on the back seat was a nice Canon digital camera. Gunderson asked the driver which previous passenger might have left it, but the cabbie didn't seem to care. So Gunderson brought it home and showed it to her fiance, Brian Ascher. They decided that the only right thing to do was to find the owner.

But how? The only clues were the pictures on the camera: typical tourist snapshots, complete with a visit to the Statue of Liberty. How could they find a stranger among the huddled masses?

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Interesting Use of the Term Hacking.

Rogue French trader accused of hacking

Bank says man blamed for $7 billion loss used ‘several techniques of fraud’

updated 10:49 a.m. ET Jan. 27, 2008

PARIS - A young trader blamed for losses that cost France's Societe Generale more than $7 billion hacked computers and used "several techniques of fraud," the bank said Sunday, as judicial officials said the man would remain in custody a further 24 hours.

In a five-page document, Societe Generale also sought to counter the notion that it had disrupted markets by unwinding the massive positions built up by the 31-year-old trader. The bank took three days last week to sell off the contracts on the Eurostoxx, DAX and FTSE indices but said that it had done so in a "controlled" way.

French judicial officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because the investigation is continuing, said Jerome Kerviel can be held until Monday afternoon. Kerviel was taken into custody on Saturday.

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Quants by Ken MacLeod

Bon mot du jour

From the reliably snarky IOZ:

"I love the smell of market corrections in the morning. It smells like victory."

In that post's comments, a link to an interview with a hedge funds manager:
HFM: You build the models and the computer does the trading. You actually do all the analysis. But it’s too many stocks for a human brain to handle, so it’s really just guys with a lot of physics and hardcore statistics backgrounds who come up with ideas about models that might lead to excess return and then they test them and then basically all these models get incorporated into a bigger system that trades stocks in an automated way.

n+1: So the computers are running the…

HFM: Yeah, the computer is sending out the orders and doing the trading.

n+1: It’s just a couple steps from that to the computers enslaving—

HFM: Yes, but I for one welcome our computer trading masters.

People actually call it “black box trading,” because sometimes you don’t even know why the black box is doing what it’s doing, because the whole idea is that if you could, you should be doing it yourself. But it’s something that’s done on such a big scale, a universe of several thousand stocks, that a human brain can’t do it in real time. The problem is that the DNA of a lot of these models is very, very similar, it’s like an ecosystem with no biodiversity because most of the people who do stat-arb can trace their lineage, their intellectual lineage, back to four or five guys who really started the whole black box trading discipline in the ’70s and ’80s. And what happened is, in August, a few of these funds that have big black box trading books suffered losses in other businesses and they decided to reduce risk, so they basically dialed down the black box system. So the black box system started unwinding its positions, and every black box is so similar that everybody was kind of long the same stocks and short the same stocks. So when one fund starts selling off its longs and buying back its shorts, that causes losses for the next black box and the people who run that black box say, “Oh gosh! I’m losing a lot more money than I thought I could. My risk model is no longer relevant; let me turn down my black box.” And basically what you had was an avalanche where everybody’s black box is being shut off, causing incredibly bizarre behavior in the market.

I love the smell of brains exploding in the morning. It smells like victory.

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The Ultimate Gadget Fetish: Reborn Babies

Reborns are dolls that are made explicitly to look like living babies.  In a recent Channel 4 documentary in the UK a wife correct a husband's calling them dolls as babies.  I am interested in the fetish quality that is developing in our society with the gadget taking more and more social positions in our lives.

 Baby Jasmine
The idea of building a gadget that would be inserted in to our Culture as a full human interests me and I find this issue of the Culture with a gadget being inscribed as a person is far more interesting than an other AI issues.  The ultimate Turnig Test would be if a society would see a gadget as a subject.
Lorna baby doll
But the subject is becoming an object in our mega-capitalist post-late-capitalism society concentrated on consumerism and virtualisation.


China to lead world of innovation?

Move over US -- China to be new driver of world's economy and innovation

A new study of worldwide technological competitiveness suggests China may soon rival the United States as the principal driver of the world’s economy – a position the U.S. has held since the end of World War II. If that happens, it will mark the first time in nearly a century that two nations have competed for leadership as equals.

The study’s indicators predict that China will soon pass the United States in the critical ability to develop basic science and technology, turn those developments into products and services – and then market them to the world. Though China is often seen as just a low-cost producer of manufactured goods, the new “High Tech Indicators” study done by researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology clearly shows that the Asian powerhouse has much bigger aspirations.

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Founder Father of UML, inventor of the term "case study" and father of Rational on why Process Sucks

Utterly Cool

You are claiming, "There is no need for big processes like the RUP."

When I started to work for Rational, we had a process named "Objectory Process." Objectory Process is simpler than the RUP. In that sense, the RUP ended up being too heavy.

In the 1990s, we developed the RUP in Rational and sold that process to other companies as a product. We sold the 1,500-page book at as expensive as 22,000 US dollars, probably the most expensive book in the world. But we sold 600 copies in total though our sales goal was 1,000 copies. ...

However, people do not read thick books thoroughly, especially books about a process. In the end, I had to fly around the world and explain it in person because they do not read books. For example, CMMI process improvement is flourishing in India. But I could not find any engineers who like processes even in the Indian companies when I visited there. The RUP is not a bad process, but it is too enormous.

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Trying to Validate Science with Human Rights?

The equal dignity of all human beings?

The first survival value that comes to our mind is perhaps the fitness of the individual, which can hardly be equal for all. But there are other possible definitions. Considering that evolution strives to solve a very complex collective survival problem by increasing the mean fitness and diversity in parallel, where the degree of difficulty is far beyond the mental ability of man, we may ask the following question: To what extent may every individual contribute to the solution of the collective survival problem? Suppose the answer to be that all contribute equally. In such a case, all humans should have equal dignity.

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Ads from Flickr

Looking at the Flickr stream it is sad how many photos being pumped up by Yahoo are essentially ads.  Strange because bloggers who have tried to promote there sites on Flickr often find they fall victim to a no-commercial usage policy.  Such a policy simply makes Flickr a space for established business ownership of the web to expand.
   NIKE TAM 36

 Chevrolet Camaro Bumblebee
 Coffee Anyone?

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Two different images from Flickr


A Radical Photo and a Product Placement show the two poles of Internet Culture.

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Flickr Tammed, Just a Brand Identity Project

Coffee Anyone? (Over 800 views of this Product Identity Project)

This is dedicated to my dear friends Mike and Nancy... For we all spend way too much money on Starbucks! Ha ha...

This was shot with an Alien Bee 800 camera left in front with a 10 degree grid, a Vivtar 5200 With a snoot (A very ghetto foil snoot Keith made! Yes, I said foil... Ha!) and a couple reflectors on the right side. 


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Great shot!
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NICE use of flash to freeze the motion!

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Makes me want a cup of Joe.....nicely done.... btw...that mug seems like the same mugs they use in Thailand....kind of....sort of....

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Coffee and Strobist. Does it get any better?
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I have to get me an other cup of Java now!
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Great shot!

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Caffeinated Gold
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very simple but effective . good work

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Excellent work! Like the falling ones!!
Have a nice weekend! - Pls check out here!

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This is excellent! The timing on the beans is amazing...
Which Starbucks are we meeting at today? (ha ha)...

-M & N -
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Awesome shot, perfect exposure, and I love the falling beans!

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cup of tea ?
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Thanks for sharing


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masaaidhs  Pro User  says:

Superb Capture, Seen on Explore

Dazzling Shots
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emiguez65  Pro User  says:

Oh!! At least a different approach to a cup of coffee. So gooooooood!!!
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Heilah N.  Pro User  says:

nice shot ^_^
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susanevans111467 says:

wish we were having a cup of coffee together
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