Monday, May 12, 2008

Its offical: Iraq is Vietnam II

This line from Reuters proves it

The U.S. military said on Sunday it would scale back operations in and around Sadr City to see if gunmen obeyed the agreement. But Stover has said troops would target militants who tried to launch attacks from the slum.

So lets recap.  There are people in Sadr City who have been the enemy just a week before, and very well may be the enemy again.  They have weapons and the US knows they are in that area.  And yet the US will just retreat back and let them continue as groups as long as they respect a ceasefire.

What this puts the lie to is the myth from Vietnam that if not for the cold war the US would have just gone in and won the war.  The US controls the entry space of Iraq, and yet can not construct any political solution which will meet what ever Bush's objects in Iraq are (who knows anymore?)

Insurgency of this form evolved out of the colonial period as a form of 3rd resistance.  Lessons learned in Africa and Asia were spread via China and Russia to nations that asserted nationalist dreams in the wost WWII period.  In Iraq old test principles for defeating a big power are being used as they were in Algeria.  The US simply can not separate fighters from support.
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