Friday, June 20, 2008

Blue balls and pink balls, back balls or white balls

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Blue balls and pink balls, Bback balls or white balls

The first cast, fair skinned overall

Second Life is a place where our social binaries are deployed to create identities. In nature we are given a wide range of types. Reality represents an infinite space of shades of different flavor and comfort. I look at my skin and I can see reds, places of brown, tan, black hairs, all expressed in a wide range of lighting. My skin offers me an infinity of colors.

And as for which group I am in male or female, I am confronted with a wide range of males who are as far away from me as any female.

And yet in the Empire of words I am white and male. And in Culture I identify with that quarter. All the richness of being, is replaced by the classes of meaning. The world has been captured but in a way lost.

But from Culture we can impose a limited class upon race. Media Industry constructs for us a logic of race. This industry I argue is conditioning the common structure  our culture. I would argue that just as media is divided between male and female markets, that race has a dynamic role in governing outcome in popular culture of TV and other promotions, specifically in Reality TV.

Tyra Banks' popular show America's Top Model shows a logic of race governs this show about how females should be constructed. The close linking between this show of gender moral construction is also tied to race issues. In fact the number of gay males on the judging panel shows that in this media race, gender, and sexual identity all come into play.

The outcome of this discourse to pre-teens on the moral technology of producing models are interesting. The winners tell you much about a structuring of racial position among young women as inferred by the in this show's producers. The massive success of the show would lead one to believe they have made a pretty good estimate of a wide solution with appeal to the issue of how advantage should be distributed between races.

Adrianne Curry Photo in white
Winner 1 White 1

Winner 2 White 2

Winner 3 African 1

Winner 4 Mixed 1

Winner 5 White 3

Winner 6 African 2

Winner 7 White 4

Winner 8 Hispanic 1

Winner 9 African 3

Interesting that this show targeted at teen and pre-teen woman has 56% non-white winners.

Lets compare this to Start Trek, the domain of the mostly geeky boys.

Over the years of Star Trek only 28% have been non-white. A full half of ATM.

Seems the Next American model, a show for female viewers is more racially diverse in outcome than Star Trek. Patriarchy and race are often tied by Second and Third Wave Feminists many who embraced first Communist and then Post-Modernism as framework that united Culture in a matrix of power.

Start Trek is patriarchy in essence. The Enterprise series had principle 5 whites, an Asian and Black. And 5 males and 2 females. The same 2.5 ratio in both gender and race. It speaks of a potential formula of patriarchy.

In Second Life a geeky male culture, full of wanna be pimps and builders contacts a female community who really seem to run the Culture of Second Life and its economy.

Woman hold key to racial outcome in Second Life.
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