Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Cloud is Google

Recently as a learning exercise I have gone fully Cloud Google for my research.  At work I am still all Microsoft but that is my job.

My exploration in SL is still done from mostly my Windows Machine, because of the ease of Picaso.  So windows xp and IE 7 (both good products) are still important.  But on this machine I used mostly Google products.

My primary machines are a Mac and a Linux box.  I am building a new more powerful Linux box soon.  I have given up on Windows Mobile returning to Blackberry loaded with Facebook and Google apps.

Once outside of the machine and in the cloud I am almost entirely Google and other non-Microsoft products.  I am researching Second Life.  Blog with Flock on Mac and Linux.  I use accounts I have with GMail, SL, Flickr, Blogger, wikispaces, Google Maps, Google News, Google SLURL, Facebook, MySpace, Linked-in, Skype, and YouTube.  Microsoft still provides me with Hotmail and IM.  So even after the merger and growth of Facebook MSN partnership I will only have 4 Microsft to 5 Google, and add Google search. 

At present Yahoo is only Flickr for me.  And I don't use that much, with Picaso now taking that role.  Flickr is really a social networking tool but I guess there are better.

So I have now joined up with the Cloud on Google. 
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