Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Woman think Sex and the City on Scale with Citizen Kane?

IMBD Sex and the City Female votes

6,582 Females have given a weighted average vote of 7.4 / 10

Demographic breakdowns are shown below.

Votes Percentage Rating
2,990 45.4%10
959 14.6%9
946 14.4%8
567 8.6%7
266 4.0%6
146 2.2%5
94 1.4%4
76 1.2%3
105 1.6%2
433 6.6%1

Arithmetic mean = 8.1.  Median = 9

IMBD Citizen Kane Female Vote

0,741 Females have given a weighted average vote of 8.2 / 10

Demographic breakdowns are shown below.

Votes Percentage Rating
4,005 37.3%10
1,930 18.0%9
1,615 15.0%8
1,065 9.9%7
606 5.6%6
402 3.7%5
244 2.3%4
176 1.6%3
154 1.4%2
544 5.1%1

Arithmetic mean = 8.0.  Median = 9

Depending on how you measure averageness you can say either women see either movie better.  But is that really possible? 

Ramin Setoodeh for Newsweek  has claimed that criticism of Sex in the City is mostly sexists.

But even in this Ramin writes:

"The movie might not be "Citizen Kane"—which, for the record, is a dude flick—but it's incredibly sweet and touching. If it's not your cup of tea (or Cosmo), must you really attack it so vehemently?"

The fact of the matter is the movie has terrible faults, faults that other hollywood movies have but faults that members of this culture should be concerned with.  The movie promotes unrealistic images of consumption, dialog  is unstuctured with the women talking past each other, and the center piece of the entire movie is consumption of extremely expensive clothing and jewels.  The issue is not the violence of the reaction to this movie, but the issue is that movies such as Iron Man don't also cause such anger in the culture. 

What is disturbing is that among many women it is no longer possible to see the difference between shit like Sex in the City and a masterpiece like Citizen Kane.

The sad thing is not that among men that this piece of shit causes anger, but that it is limited to just this movie.  We would not worry that someone who hated female nazis more than male mazis was sexists. 

But I would agree with Ramin to this extent: the general audience should see that movies like Indian Jones and Iron Man are as bad as Sex in the City.  The real victims of sexism here are the women who have been brainwashed to accept a pathetic image of themselves like this shit move.

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