Thursday, September 11, 2008

America 2008

The Baggy Pants Posse

Florida crackdown nets 11 more perps for exposing their boxer shorts

SEPTEMBER 11--Last week we brought word of the arrest of Kenneth Smith, a Florida man busted for wearing baggy pants that exposed his boxer shorts. Well, it turns out that the Riviera Beach cops have been rather diligent in enforcing a new city ordinance targeting droopy shorts and trousers, according to police reports. Since officers began their crackdown last month, they have arrested at least 11 other baggy pants perps (of that group, two are juveniles). Below you'll find mug shots of eight of the other nine arrestees, aged between 18 and 36. As seen in a series of Riviera Beach Police Department probable cause affidavits, each of the males was nabbed after officers determined that low-slung pants or shorts had resulted in the exposure of between two and five inches of the individual offender's boxer shorts. While most of the busts occurred without incident, a few of the arrestees appeared bewildered that they were being arrested for a trouser-related offense. One of the juveniles, in fact, cursed out Officer J. Thornton and said, according to one affidavit, "Your a cracker and ain't got shit better to do." First-time violators of ordinance 12-3043 face a fine of up to $150. Repeat offenders could be sentenced to a maximum of 30 days in jail.

And who was arrested?

Yes you got it.

Now let me make a prediction, in about 10 years this kind of clothing will start being more popular with whites, and like a Republican canidate for Presdient will popularize wearing it after the relative unknown has been selected to be VP.

Sound strange?  Remember when single moms and teen pregnancy was the result of the breakdown of the American family and the cause of crime?  Seems to not be the case anymore, in fact unmarried teens having babies is now a sign of high moral standing.

The problem is you have a race state where nothing blacks do in mass numbers can be right, and nothing whites do can be wrong. 

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