Thursday, September 25, 2008

Does McCain even exist?

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Looking at McCain's stranger and stranger conduct lately I just wonder: does he even exist anymore? We all know that with age and ill health often a loved one leaves us before dying. I am not talking just of the extremes of dementia, but often a slowing down of mental processes leave a confused elderly person who asks the same question over and over again in the same day. You answer the question and notice they don't hear you. Then they ask the question again.

In Uncle Marty or Aunt Sally its funny, maybe even cute. Grandpa Simpson has to look in his underwear to remember his first name, Mr. Burns can't remember Homer J. Simpson's name.

But do we really need 4 more years of Reagan's second term right now? Who? What? Did you say anything son? I was shotting down communists before you were a wad of goo in your dad's ****** is not precisely the kind of dicourse I want out of the White House.

Also suspending the PROCESS of democracy because of a crisis is the road to dictatorship. One that Bush and now McCain seem to think the GOP has a right to follow. McCain is not precisely a major whip in the GOP and he could work in Washington and have a debate. He could take the time out to do a TV interview. In facthe took the time out of fixing the universe to give the long press conference about suspending the vote, why not do it via a statement of team? He had time to go on TV twice in suspending it?

The big problem is this though. Trust in the economic system has collapsed. So the government needs to step in. But after 8 years of Bush trust is not there and its going to be hard to get a trillion bucks in to Bush's hands. I am certain Cheney is loading it with big pay outs to GOP insiders before the party collapses for a generation. Potentially Cheney may try to use this bailout for such a massive swap of wealth that it could fundemnentally change US Society. Tax payers will pay off loans to banks from people who lost their houses without the people getting their houses back. So what kind of bonuses are going to come out of this? What kind of pay packages?

Also does anyone remember Enron and Sarbains Oxley? I mean Bush started his term with a massive company collapse do to poor oversight and greed in Wall Street, and he ends his term.....

Also being from Chicago I am a bit pissed that Andersen was allowed to die in 2001 BUT.... depends whou your friends are. Andersen has its major operations in Chicago, little point pumping money in that. The great theaft has taken place in New York where a Sex and the City culture of greed and inhumanity has advanced.
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