Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Linux Distros I have used

1. Ubuntu: easy to install, easy to use, lots of great features.
2. Mandriva, a good Linux at the level of Ubuntu but I have had installation problems and problems running on some VM, still good but why not just use Ubuntu.
3. OpenSuse:  Good but its like you changed Microsoft for Novell.
4. Knoppix, a very nice CD driven distro, great default UI, may give Ubuntu a challenge.
5. Debian, a great kernel without much on it, presently one of my primary machines. 
6. Damn Small Linux: Got to love the name.  Its so small you can run it off a CD but it comes with next to nothing, but for very old machines it will get you on line and it runs Firefox.
7. Fedora, whats the point?

Sum up my point of view, Ubuntu is my favorite UI Linux.  I have a lap top with Ubuntu that had crapped out on XP and is a nice little machine.  I had a old WIndows 2003 Server which could no longer boot and I could not install Ubuntu, Madriva, or Knoppix on it but Debian repaired the machine and runs great.  So I have to give my person prive to Ubuntu and Debian, with Mandriva and Knoppix as also ran and DSL having the best name.

But if I had to run a network at a firm with Novell stuff like GroupWise, withh OpenSuse is also very nice.

As for Red Hat, what ever happened to Red Hat.  Used to use it in the 1990s and liked it but its just not around anymore it seems

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