Thursday, September 25, 2008

Looking for a job

Lets say I am looking for a job.  I have a big big interview coming up.  The job is important and it is down to me and this other guy.

Okay, so I have set up the interview months and months in advance.  The company has set up the interview in the evening, and even opened up the possibility of me holding it where ever I want. 

Now I call up the company and say that my present job is very busy right now and I can't do the interview.  They say the interview is in the evening and I say I might have to work late in to the evening of Friday for my present job.

I also ask that they not call me until I contact them that I can now interview with them.

Now is this going to help or hurt my chances of getting the job?

Now seriously, the discourse of a campaign though it may seem childish at times, is still the cornerstone of democracy.  Deciding who will be President is the most essential task of American's participation in the democratic process.

McCain's ability to do anything at all in the Senate over the next couple of days is a joke.  But it seems the tenure of McCain's campaign is to find excuses not to campaign and hope it gets better.
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