Saturday, September 06, 2008

No to Palin

May I again correct myself, seems to be the fashion.  I think Palin's views on Global Warming are equal to those who said race laws were fine because sciecne had established intellectual differences between race.

The Science on Global Warming is an amazing even in the history of sciecne.  Rarely have I seen the community of science come together on a subject so on the margin of hard core science.

People in science like to argue.  Geeks don't like to agree with other geeks.  Geeks tend to have refined ideas and they don't say "yes that is precisely what I think" unless that is precisely what they think.  Most people come to social life with many vague and not strongly held views on some issues, and can say "yah" to almost anything.  Geeks know if they like TOS or TNG or DS9 better and they know WHY.  Most people know Spock was in Star Trek.  For Geeks their is a line of debate, even flamming and hate on an issue most people have only a vague fuzzy image of a Jewish guy dressed up like an alien.

Seeing this community of researchers almost entirely unit the fact that human activity is rising the average temperature of the earth is amazing.  It has shown the process of science better than anything else and challenged the old bias of detached science.

In asserting first the existence of global warming and human contributions to it a scientist is necessarily insert in to a economic and political position.  If she tries to be impartial she is faced with the question of defining levels of required evidence of a process happening global. Setting levels of certainty calls upon the scientist to set levels.  It raises moral and political issues.  For example given the mass economic impacts how much risk of being wrong but being safe.  And what is being safe?  Generally it is safe to be skeptical, but in global warming that is not really the case.  Social lives are at stake.

Some scientists still try to find that smoking is safe.  Some people still hold that human activity is not part of global warming. 

For a matter of policy, elected leaders must accept that racism is the result of prejudice, that smoking has social costs and that our economic conduct is causing global warming.  It is unimaginable to elect a leader who does not hold to these ideas.

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