Tuesday, September 16, 2008

OMG, People losing jobs again

HP to cut nearly 25,000 jobs by 2011

money.cnn.com — Computer maker Hewlett-Packard said it will lay off 24,600 employees, or 7.5% of its workforce, over the next three years in a plan to integrate tech outsourcer Electronic Data Systems, which HP bought late last month. HP said the workforce reduction will result in annual cost savings of about $1.8 billion. Of the nearly 25,000 layoffs

Now wait let me remember my life.  Reagan came in a we had a massive recession that cleared up just in time for his re-election, followed by the S&L failure and a stock market collapse.

His VP came in and under Bush we had another recession.

Clinton served 8 years of low inflation and strong growth.

Bush's son comes in and we have had 2 recessions in 7 years, inflation is back and real earnings are going down?

Now does it make you stop and think for just a minute?
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