Saturday, September 06, 2008

Palin overshadows McCain

Analysis: McCain camp plays sexism card for Palin -

Well nothing is more fun than watching Fox News here on Sky.  Politics is all about the joy of disgust, anger, and irony.  And watching Fox now they covered a long introduction by Palin in Colorado.  She went on for some time, and when McCain came on they went to a commercial break.  When they came back they spoke over his first words. 

McCain seems to be campaigning against both parties.  I am not sure what McCain's policy is.  Fox cut him off after a few lines.  Fox now starts talking about flags rescued from the DNC and another commercial break.

Palin is clearly playing for the opportunity well.  She is probably now hurting McCain.  She has energized the conservative base, and I imagine she sees herself as the American Thacher in the model of Reagan.

I notice she seems to be hogging events.  And the media is far more interested in her than in McCain.  If it works it would be a very unorthodox way for a ruling party to remain in power in the face of very talented other side.

Palin's fire makes McCains warm milk even duller.  He will probably continually be more and more upstagged by her, and she will be working for her own future not the ticket.  If her interests and McCain come in the same she will work for him, but maybe.

Fox is back and they didn't even bother go back to McCain.  Essentially they only covered Palin in full.

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