Saturday, September 06, 2008

Popfly and other geek things.

Where I live in popfly from Microsoft. I live Popfly a great deal. I should also say I have been using Debian's new Linux Larry. It is hard to install things, but what it has runs really good. Gimp is a pleasure. Iceweasle excellent browser, and its the only on you have in Debian.

Google Chrome is very good. I would love to see a future Flock built upon it rather than firefox. As a basic browser its better than firefox, but Flock has added so many wonderful features for bloggers and people in online communities. Chrome lacks the social media tools. So I still like Flock the best.

So I have said good things about Popfly, Photosynth, and I also have been building some things in SharePoint and I am impressed by it. So I guess it would only not be fair if I don't say IE8 beta is trash.

Sci Fi author Ken MacLeod predicted a Linux take over from Windows sometime in the 2030s if I remember. Well Vista now makes he want to take a much earlier work at Linx.

His readers come out for Ubuntu. In fact they seem to clearly establish Ubuntu as the distro for normal users. Download VMWare Server for Windows and test a number of distros.

The nice thing about free distros is when you build a server you can test the distros on the CD first to see how compatible they are for you box or laptop.

But I will get back to some things I have been reading and seeing at work. For the coming age of Virtualisation, Cloud computing, UX, semantic network, and all that other bullshit we are selling these days Microsoft is well positioned to evolve in to the major platform.

With a better Window mobiles, a fixed Windows Vista, Office, Hotmail, MSN, the new Virtual platforms, Exchange Server, Workflow, SharePoint (big one), Dynamics, CRM.... I could go on but Microsoft is very well positioned to make money in the more mobile cloud world. Popfly and Photosynth are showing they are learning.

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