Sunday, September 21, 2008

So what happened?

More than 10,000 marched in the Swedish city of Malmoe on Saturday in a demonstration against the excesses of globalisation, organised as part of the European Social Forum being held there.

Thousands march in Sweden against globalisation

Negri says that there are only two kinds of direct democracy possible.  Fascism and the New Deal like system with the mix of big business big labour and the state.  He his massive concept of Empire the entire politics of America since Reagan is simply an exchange of values from business to government.  Business fucked up bad, and they need government to expand to keep the system going.

Do not underestimate the significance of this slight turn though in the history of our world.  The US Government is underwriting the collapse of US banking. 

In the end the status continues, but the pressures are back towards a more New Deal State.  Right now the fallacy of some neo-liberal thinking is clear.  The private sector will collapse without a massive expansion of the State power.  The line between public and private breaks down.

The overall processes shapping our world continue.  Our world is even more networked and global.  And that will continue.  The return of the state many Neo-Conservatives in America, Asia and Europe dream of is gone. 

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