Tuesday, October 14, 2008


A few months ago the UK's worthless media was writing the death warrant of Gordan Brown.  Now he stands master of the Universe, a leader who may not only have saved much of the UK economy but likely found the fix for the Global Economy.  Not since WWII has any British leader done so much for world.

What lesson is there to be learned? 

The UK media market like the City has rapped by a few very powerful business interests who feed the British population a diet of shit news and celebrity gossip.  Such shit it this information flood that any ability to analyze or think is beyond even the London Time or FT.  News is now business and business is obsessed with style over substance, and the quick buck.

Gordan Brown was almost crashed on the rocks of this press because he looks frumpy, he lacks Camerons grace and smoth motion.  His accent is a bit oldfashioned and because of sight problem he often looks strange.  He does not look like a retired Football star or Rock Star.

But this week Gordan Brown has shown there is something at the core of democracy that Capitalist media can not even grasp.  In the end Capitalists now understand they need the state, and it seems they are happy to fin that someone is looking out for them.

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