Thursday, October 16, 2008

The same event from different spots: YouTube captures a moment of anarchistic mob anger at Palin

Several audience member filmed and posted the booing of Sarah Palin And the more offical view of the scene with the people of the common seperated, but they can still be heard rumbling. sunofalightbulb posts a very street level anaylsis of the event. But another video show an area of support In this one we hear more cheering, the different sides that drown themselves out to the normal media are captures. And another view of the event. This one shows a McCain supporter who feels he was washed over by a mass of Obama. He makes it clear that Obama supporters were in the mass. We see the nut case emerging in the Obama years, Right Wingers who shout Obama's a Terrorist. They fear the "commie police" and call people "Obama faggot lover". Nice And last the offical story, the sports cast of the event For example this tells me that this is a Rangers vs Flyer team in Philadelphia. Politically an event like this shows the "happening" of an Obama election. This is changing the context of social arrangements and power in a way not seen I imagine since FDR. I am kind of sad being here in the UK, but strangely enough people here are very excited by Obama. Obama has unified a confident new assembly of different people united in a very strong democratic party. The democrats are benefiting from changes in demographics. With more hispanics and first time voters coming in to the system there has been a shift in politics. The Security Mom is likely an Obama Moma now. And the economy seems to be working for Obama full time. He is the only person making money out of this.

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