Saturday, October 11, 2008

Stop It!

Being an American living in London I am seeing the current mess McCain and Palin have caused through a lense of a highly unified nation.  This makes what I see all the more disgusting.

This is going way beyond the hatred raised by the GOP against Clinton.  Before Obama takes office 100,000s of white older and seemingly pumped up on meat, religion, guns and hatred are going to be left with no power at all in our system.  The GOP and the right has lost everything under Bush.  This is a 1974 or 1933 like collapse for the GOP.  The scale of the defeat the GOP is facing is mind altering in many ways.  5 years ago no democrat dreamed of such quick gains and no left winger could image the level to which state power was about to expand and replace years of free markets.

That is to say 100,000s of armed people are going to suddenly be hit with a defeat they could not have dreamed of in just 2002.  I was in Africa when 2002 happened.  You could see America disengaging from the world community.  The xenophobic element in the GOP had won.

I am not pretty afraid that some of these people will turn to violence next year. 

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