Saturday, October 25, 2008

White Lie

It turns out that the Pittsburg McCain volunteer staged a "white" lie, claiming a very tall black man had attacked her and carved the letter B in her face for Barack. It turns out to be a lie

CNN comment:

"Part of the story is the fact that it was reported by the media," said Sanchez. "We would not be telling the story now had it not been carried by so many outlets. As I mentioned before, it was mentioned on, as a matter of fact I have a list and not to mention names, but the initials of the news organizations are Fox News, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Newsday. And also radio talk show hosts went on their radio stations and talked ad infinitum about the story yesterday, one of them even seemingly being a braggadocio about it when he was on the air with our own Wolf Blitzer yesterday."

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