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After W

Church-Goers Did Not Support ObamaCNS News, by StaffOriginal ArticlePosted By:notonmywatch, 11/7/2008 10:52:50 AMAlthough Barack Obama won a majority of the national popular vote and the Electoral College in yesterday’s presidential election, he did not win a majority of the voters who say they regularly attend church, according to the network exit poll. Obama’s failure to win among church-going Americans continues a pattern that was also seen in the 2000 and 2004 elections, when Republican George Bush won the presidency.


But the ranks of the Godless continue to grow - the TV is brainwashing the people. If we don't get some mass media, there may never be a conservative in the White House again. They have already destroyed Sarah Palin, made her damaged goods. They are winning. We need TV. News Forum

After W

We now live in the age after W, or the closing days of the age of W. But clearly we have been Post-W for some time now.  Few will be sad to see it come.  With his approval rating potentially going under 20% those who would most likely love him will hind behind Palin.  Palin has taken the heart of the church right. 

This leaves nobody to defend Bush.  Palin is suppose to not have known what Africa was.  Bush is often praised for his aid to Africa.  So we can't say that W was the worst possible to come from the right.  Far, far worse is possible.  The Church Going Right Wing of the US South is still able to reach lower, and support more blindly than they already have.

But we can say Bush is the worst of the Real we have yet experienced. 

Perhaps we can say that the American system has shown its worst outcome so far.  But maybe Bush plays a critical role.  Bush entered in to an political culture that had grown cynical since Reagan's first term. 

Reagan has crumbled as an old silly man.  Bush's father was old technical administrator and Clinton was able to fully seperate the personal moral from the execution of power.  To this Bush can and established a Presidency grounded in the moral concepts of our culture.  He re-establish the power of Master-identifiers like Freedom, Democracy,. State, Power, Security, and Religion.  His 8 years create Obama in 2 ways.  Firstly his utter failure establishes a dark in which suddenly America found that a major Civil Rights event had happened.  He provides the necessary villian in the Opera that is the US Constitution and its history just as the Civil War provides a stage for Lincoln or the Depression for FDR. 

But also Bush re-establishes the age of clear morality.  If Bush could be seen as a cynical liar just trying to stuff his pockets then we would not be in the habit of speaking and thus thinking of Evil or Democracy.  But Bush seemed clearly to believe and that is why he failed so badly, he did not have the agility that cynicism gave Clinton or FDR.  Bush saw the world in terms of the Bible and Right Wing beliefs in the free market and inevitable power of America and Democracy. 

We may not believe in this signs.  But Bush made a situation based on these concepts and inserted us in to a drama more traditional and dramatic than the cynical time of Monica Lewinsky. 

If Hillary Clinton had won it would have been a tactical reversal.  Bush would have been seen as a failure.  But Obama's  victory returns the necessity of electing good or evil upon Bush.  This is how Bush wanted it.  After 9-11 planning to invade Iraq Bush stood before his own people and the world and demanded that they choice in terms only of Good vs. Evil.  In 2008 Obama called his bluff.  In the binary system Bush established Obama's light functions to turn Bush's stupidity and failure in to a darkness. 

To date Obama has benefited from this game of light and dark, good and evil being able to play out the most subtle and ultimately moving piece of political theater in modern Democratic history.  But to rule Obama needs to embrace pragmatic policies.  And in his closing speech he tried to extend his light in to the light we all share, he reminded us that Lincoln had been the first President of the Republican Party.  That the journey he had finished had begun in the Republican Party by a man that all people can see as great.

The first challenge of Obama will  be to move out of the context of Bush as quickly as possible.

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