Monday, November 03, 2008

My hope for the next 8 years

In 2000 I moved to the UK.  Moving to the EU from the US during the Gore run from President felt like the most patriotic act of my life.  Why?  Because of the way the world is developing.  Right now China is the fastest emerging power in the world and is expanding its influence around the world.

For decades idiots in government told us that by selling and trading with China we would make their society more open and free.  These idiots seemed to think the US had invented trade and capitalism in the 1920s or something.  In reality China had been a massive and complex market for centuries before falling in to Chaos in the 20th Century, and she had never shown any signs of respecting human rights or freedoms.   China knows how to make money without respecting free press or free elections.

At that time my hope, my dream with the Euro about to be introduced and 8 years of Clinton bring the US and EU closer in Bosnia and Kosovo; I had hoped that a united EU and US could defend those principles we hold.  America is not great because of where it is or what religions people practice but because of the high levels of freedom and opportunity of people, for the respects for human rights and culture that respects human dignity, knowledge, and freedom.

These enlightenment ideas were born in the UK and France along with the United States and these shared values make us a true Empire of Human Dignity.  We were not perfect then, but we were better than anyone else, and back in 2000 the US was a great deal better than it is now.

It was my opinion that a united US and UE with 8 years of Gore could cement this alliance.  This would not only counter China but could act to influence India and Russia in their own development leading them to concepts of pluralism, democracy, freedom, and tolerance.

Then Bush stoled the 2000 election.

The real winners of the Bush presidency have been China and Iran, China more than Iran because it has gained both power and wealth.

The insane regime of Bush did not only seem unwilling to work with a United Europe but from the start was hostile to Europe and was in return hated.  In the 8 years of Bush Russia has been lost probably for 100 years as a nation once run by Communists who used the KGB to do its dirty work is now run by the KGB.   Freedom in Russia far worse off then under the communists of Late Soviet times.   The Russians have returned to killing dissent, not just silencing it. 

Under Bush the hostility towards the US has driven most of the Americas away from the US model.  Though I don't think this is entirely unhealthy I would hope that the Americas could become more just and still remain close friends of ours, but under Bush this has prove impossible. 

As for India, the final key battleground of the West vs the world not lost by Bush.  Well India has a massive Muslim population, and as long as Bush was President he and his supporters would target Muslim hatred as easy political gains.  Much of the IT boom in India has been driven by Muslims.

Perhaps now that Obama will be President the EU/US can again assert the kind of influence that can bring the 3-RD back towards its direction, as in the Clinton years.  But I fear that once a vast area of the world was in ideological conflict that could have turned towards the Enlightenment of Europe and America, today only a small part of India is.

Maybe Obama can work the magic with how people feel and believe Clinton worked with the deficit.  Maybe.

And that is my hope.

It is now time to put aside Neo-Con irrational ism and nationalism and work for a sacred idea that the Founders believed in, that reason, discourse and freedom could make a better world.

That I still kind of believe it. With Obama maybe there is a chance.

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