Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Obama Event happens

A few moments ago a CNN projections showed that there is really no way John McCain can be elected.

America has elected a man with an African father named Obama as President of the Republic.  What EU nation would do the same? 

On one level his is the ending of the Age of Bush, which has been a pretty dark time all around.  The age of Obama begins, and just his identity changes the debate and discource.

And I would argue against deconstruction by saying that an event has been constructed that can be spoken of in many different ideologies.  Social Democrats, Greens, Neo-Liberals and maybe even Neo-Conservatives must see this as a great event for America.

The act of the election establishes an assertion to meaning, a meaning that can survive in almost any discourse.  Obama's election and victory will be established.  He will be elected, the nation performed a speech act: they have given to this man the authority of the Federal government.

This event can not be denied.  He can not be deconstructed because it does not reference anything, it generates meaning from its very structure.  It is meaning.  There is no reference, Obama and the People of America have done a thing.

One can not deconstruct away the Holocaust of the Iraq War.  Power can assert patterns.  In this case we have a speech act, the election is a tool that establishes a clearly define status which has meaning no one can deny: this is a great day for the Promise of America.

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