Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The waiting

CNN is telling me the time before it will happen, before I will know.  The events to follow in case of any outcome has been outlined, but the media is making it clear the outcome is known.  They just won't say it yet.

What would the post-modern cynics say about this event, of a man of an African father, a man who was half black and half white with a lovely African American family will be elected President of the United States.

How can anyone deny that there "is" an event of "History".  How ever you wish to construct it something of note has happened.  In 100 years  they will speak of Obama.

Many people of all races around the world have been moved by this. Obama, a man with an African name shall make true the promise of Martin Luther King, and years before any of us imagined it would happen. 

So many of us imagined never in a our life time.  The possibility a man with the name Obama, a man of an African father.  Suddenly we must change our imagination.  We are beyond the range of our hopes.

Enlightenment concepts of progress, change, tax redistribution and international cooperation trump the neo-conservative ideas of the McCain proposal be reform himself in to another George W. Bush.

I will assert that there is no way to "understand" this without "feeling" the impulses ideology.  The joy that so many must be waiting for like me.

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