Tuesday, November 04, 2008

You can see it in people

Election Reactions Around The Country (PHOTOS)

Suddenly there is a need to expand our collective imagination about what America is, about the world, and about who is a human being.  I think none of us imagined we would see it in our life time.  But it has happened, we have been changed as a people.  its a new dawn her in London, but I am looking very forward to a Thanksgiving Feast in New England this year.  The great American tradition of giving thanks,  this year we can thank an event, a singular even that no cyncism can distance, no disconstruction can undo.

This was not a simulation of an event though the media did present it to us as a narrative, ads did play on TV, but in Grant Park in my old town of Chicago the great joy of much of the creative common experienced a moment when black child could grow up to be President.

I am so proud to still carry my US Passport, to still be the American guy here in London.  Bush is over, and something wonderful has come out of the darkness.

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