Saturday, December 20, 2008 U.K. & Ireland

Dec. 19 (Bloomberg) -- London Mayor Boris Johnson unveiled two new designs for the city’s iconic Routemaster double-decker buses and vowed to put a 21st century version of the vehicle on the road by 2011.The city sold off its original fleet of red Routemasters three years ago after almost 50 years of service. They were replaced with new buses including the 18-meter (59-foot) single- deck “bendy” model. U.K. & Ireland

Simply nuts!  Given the difficult situation of the present world economy London is going to spend millions of pounds to make a unneeded bus just because it looks like an old style bus.  Probably the most idiotic example of the collapse of our culture in waste and nostalgia.  Boris has had 4 deputy mayors leave and his big success is that he is going to buy new buses that are not needed but hey he likes the way the look.

Check Boris on his next TV show, cuz he aint mayor of London.
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