Friday, December 05, 2008

Dixie Chicks singer sued for defamation - Celebrities-

Maines attended a Dec. 19 rally in Little Rock, where she claimed Jason Baldwin, Damien Echols and Jessie Misskelley — known to sympathizers as the "West Memphis Three" — were innocent and that supposed new evidence pointed to Hobbs. Her comments echoed a Nov. 26, 2007, letter that was still on the Dixie Chicks' Web site on Thursday, in which she claimed that new DNA testing of hair from the crime scene linked Hobbs to the killings and that his behavior after the slayings indicated his guilt.

The lawsuit says the claim is false.

Hobbs told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette in a Feb. 1 interview that his reputation was in tatters and he wanted to clear his name."I want people to know I haven't done nothing wrong," Hobbs said. "I want them to hear it from me."
Dixie Chicks singer sued for defamation - Celebrities-

So if he has not not done something wrong in this case what has he done wrong?

This guy is so obviously guilty and this case should be studied by anyone wondering how America could elect Bush. America has been exercising insanely stupid decisions in power for some time.
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