Saturday, December 20, 2008

Internet community?


This photo was taken at a German club.  I don't speak German so I could not be part of the community.  I could be a tourist and I could show some parts of my identity to Germans, but I could not be involved with them in this global virtual culture unless they spoke English, which a lot of them did.

So its not the Internet that is creating community at all, the community of English speakers (established from the British Empire) is the global event.  The Internet is like global tourism, magazines, or immigration; just another late modern expression within this culture established in a long political and economic process.

If the English had stayed in England, had not ventured to take America and India there would now be no global English speaking community and if there was an Internet it would be in a very different community.  The technology only hides the historical reality of English as the global dominate language, the process of conquest and exploitation that this involves.  And the losers in the global world are not even present, they don't have money or time for things like Second Life.
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