Thursday, January 01, 2009

Stalin and the Reality of History or Bush vs. Stalin

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In reflecting on Communism and Stalinism one can not wash away the millions of dead in the collectivization of the 1920s.  I never cried much for the dead of the purges since with the exception of a few it was really the punishment of the monsters of the Collectivization. 

But the reality of history can not be escaped on the other side of the scales.  Stalin lead the Soviet Union in a successful war against the Nazis.  France, Poland, and the Low Countries had collapsed in a matter of weeks faced with the German Army.  In the case of France a materially vastly superior Army had been defeated quickly by a smaller force because of the utter failure of the French political system at that time to stand up to the Germans.  In fact western democracies collapsed one by one before the Nazi attack until they faced the brilliance of British resolve.  It took the must successful nation in the Earth long history: Britain to hold the line.

But the Soviet Union held, though barely and the won.  World War II is really a victory of Soviet over Nazi power.  The US just burned Germany and Japan to the ground from the air.  In the Ukraine the war was really decided in man to man fighting.

Now Al Qaeda attacked New York in 2001.  How effective has Bush been in bringing his enemies down?  Can you even compare Stalin to Bush?  Does not history argue that Stalin is on an all together greater scale than Bush? 
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