Thursday, January 01, 2009

A Year Ticks Over, and Zunes Get the Hiccups -

It has been nine years since the Y2K computer glitch inspired apocalyptic fears. On Wednesday, another time-related bug created its own small-scale panic. For some owners of the Zune, the portable media player that is Microsoft’s answer to the Apple iPod, it was a day without Kanye West and Girl Talk.

Owners of 30-gigabyte Zunes began flooding Zune-related Web sites with complaints early Wednesday morning. They said their players had suddenly stopped working, displaying only a frozen start-up screen.

After spending much of the day digging into the problem, Microsoft said that it had traced it to a software bug “related to the way the device handles a leap year.” Apparently the Zune was expecting 2008 to have 365 days, not 366.
A Year Ticks Over, and Zunes Get the Hiccups -
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