Wednesday, June 10, 2009

BBC NEWS | Politics | Leaders clash on public spending

BBC NEWS | Politics | Leaders clash on public spending

In an interview with the Today programme, Mr Lansley said the Tories would increase spending on health, schools and international aid after 2011.

But he added that, as a result, "that does mean over three years after 2011 a 10% reduction in the departmental expenditure limits for other departments".

"It is a very tough spending requirement indeed," he continued.

The Tories maintain Mr Lansley was talking about the government's spending intentions not those of a future Conservative administration and pointing out that spending was projected to fall under Labour after 2011 - by as much as 7% in some areas.

In a statement, the party said Mr Lansley was pointing out that Labour was trying to "deceive" the public by suggesting it could avoid spending cuts after 2011.

Question, does anyone have any idea precisely what a Tory government of the UK would do on anything?  Increase taxes or decrease them? Increase or decrease spending?  Change tax code? What precisely?  England has been hit by a global recession and under Brown it is standing up much better than just about any nation in the world, but the English isolationism and radical personal depression so clouds the thinking of people that we are facing a radical shift of government without any idea what is going on.

We do know one thing: Cameron is an aristocrat who like to surrond himself with aristocratic millionaires.  A Tory government would be a government composed of the very bankers and business leaders who have contributed to the global collapse.  They would be even stronger.

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