Saturday, June 06, 2009

England drinking itself to death

A striking thing you notice in post-Thacher England is not just the level of drinking, but the drinking to the point of death. As the doctor above says A and E in the UK are now simply alcohol related service centres. Its pathetic, and it just gets worse.

Today the English are known globally not for their art, not their great writers, not even for standing up to Hitler, but for being too drunk and getting to violent.

Something is deeply wrong with England, deeply broken in a way like much of the deep south of the United States is deeply broken. I struggle in my course work on British identity to try and understand how this has happened. Recently I have been asking Brits what they think is wrong. All British people, I MEAN ALL British people openly admit that there is something wrong with their culture. I intend to start collecting views and blogging them. I will keep it on this blog because I simply have enough other blogs.

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