Friday, July 03, 2009 News Forum - Thread

Obama laughed at being called a Socialist for a reason.. he is merely using Socialism to get to totalitarian Communism (Marxism). When we are as poverty-stricken and militarily defenseless as countries like Germany, France, Britain, Canada, Holland, etc.. we will be vulnerable to totalitarian Islamism. And he will stand with them, as he has stated in his book.

Wake up, America, before you cannot. News Forum - Thread

Right wing blogging on Honduras getting rather strange.  Poverty stricken nations like Germany, France, Britain, Canada, and Holland?  Is this author implying that these EU countries are run by Muslims?

When Ideology becomes its own mindless simulation, terrorism is almost always certain to follow.  These simulations of political belief require acts of violence to try and establish themselves as valid.
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