Thursday, September 24, 2009

Plot for Sex and the City with Balls

Rather than an idiotic "look what they had on in the 80s" movie here is what Sex in the City would be about if it was in fact a good engaged show speaking to modern female life.

Plot summary

Big comes back from the office a bit drunk, Carrie has been waiting in a very expensive dress because it is their anniversary.

Big informs Carrie that his investment firm has folded, and that he is ruined.

Carrie says well they could maybe live on her article

Cut next day

Carries speaking with Miranda about Big's job. Carrie repeats again that they could maybe get by for a while on her job with the article.

"Oh wait I have another call"

Carrie, in the drop in newspaper readership, is let go from the newspaper.

Now both Carrie and Big are without work.

Now here is the critical point, do they:

A. Go in to the Country to invest their money in a crazy hotel for sex starved city dwellers for a series of random adventures.
B. Move in with his rich family of strange characters for a series of random adventures.
C. Try to make it in New York retraining for jobs since their sectors finance and print media are now dead. Carrie waits tables as younger girls dart around her taking the big tips and Big becomes a social worker. In the end they both discover the dignity of work and that values are larger than money.


Do you return to the 1980s, the fantasy time for investment banking and free markets to create a myth to counter the collapse of these ideas since the last movie was made.

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