Sunday, October 04, 2009

BBC NEWS | Business | Deficit 'danger' worries Cameron

Conservative Party leader David Cameron has said that the UK's budget deficit is the biggest threat to the UK economy.

The deficit is a clear and present danger to the British economy," he told the BBC's Andrew Marr Show.

In April, Chancellor Alistair Darling forecast that public borrowing this year would reach a record £175bn over the next two years.

Mr Cameron said that tackling the deficit will be among his priorities.

BBC NEWS | Business | Deficit 'danger' worries Cameron

So lets be clear about how the Conservatives have turned this one around.  Cameron has a long record of demanding less banking regulation.  The banks caused a crisis and the government had to step in and borrow money to keep UK banks alive.  The issue of regulation of the banks is not been dealt with and Cameron, whose only solution is to change who is in charge of regulating the banks, now sees the debt as the problem.

Sounds like trying to clear a symptom as you leave the cause to continue.
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