Sunday, October 18, 2009

BBC NEWS | UK | Tories could 'rip up' BBC charter

A Conservative government could "rip up" the BBC's royal charter, the shadow culture secretary has suggested.
BBC NEWS | UK | Tories could 'rip up' BBC charter

Lets translate.  The BBC has been widely effective in a nation with few current cultural exports.  All the TV coming out of the UK comes via BBC, and its still the English language new channel of choice around the world.

Murdock wants cut because his shit channels and news can't effectively compete with it. 

So the Tories, Cameron's New Victorian party is going to be very hard on the BBC and very soft on the shit media firms that are trying to put them in power.

Oh and they are going to cut MoD 25%, raise regressive VAT taxes in a recession, and they blame the State for causing the Credit Crunch.

Next year we will get to see if the average British yob wanker is a stupid as the average America sister kissing red neck.
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