Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Right Wing forgets about health care

Suddenly notice that Fox News and the pool of right wing blogs in the United States have dropped health care.  Its now Fort Hood, Palin's book, and how terrible it is that 9-11 plotter will be found guilty and put to death by civilian courts in New York.  That last one is odd even by their clearly declining standards.  But what is most odd is that they have not only just given up, just in the middle of the fight, but now don't even seem ready to give us all warnings about how the Senate is about to pass Socialism.

This is very telling about the degree of control the top of the GOP still holds on the blogosphere that supports it.  It was not a grassroots decision to suddenly give up on this subject, rather the GOP now knows for sure it will pass, and are clearly concerend about going in to the 2012 election having stood against it.

By 2012 tens of millions of Americans, many of them probably not previous voters, will have Health Care.  The GOP clearly now does not want it to fixed in the publics mind that they were against it all along.  So it makes sense for the GOP to drop it and start looking for other issues.  But it answers a lot of questions of who is organising things to see the Blogosphere rapidly follow behind.
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