Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Beck Supremacy | The New Republic

It’s no surprise, then, that thriller writers often appear on conservative shows as political experts. Take Flynn, for instance. Prior to becoming a thriller writer, he worked in sales for Kraft Foods, but, these days, he routinely goes on Beck’s show and other Fox News programs as a national security analyst. “We have allowed the far left in this country to define torture down, to encompass everything,” he told Bill O’Reilly last December.

Thor performs a similar function, but he has better range. Sometimes he plays the role of Islamic scholar, thanks to his novel The Last Patriot, which Beck has described as “The Da Vinci Code for Islam, except The Da Vinci Code was so much more fiction than this is.” “Islam has some very dark, very scary skeletons in its closet that it does not want out there,” Thor once told Beck. At other times, Thor turns his eye to domestic politics: Asked by Beck whether “foreign operatives” were at work inside the United States, Thor replied, “I have no doubts. I think they’re here. I think some of them even hold public office.” Whatever Beck and his producers need, Thor, who used to work in television himself as the host of a travel show, is ready to provide it. He explains, “Any time they call me and say, ‘They just whacked this guy outside of Islamabad, can you come on and talk about his network?’ I’m happy to do it.”

The Beck Supremacy | The New Republic
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