Friday, January 22, 2010

BBC News - David Cameron accuses Labour of 'moral failure'

Conservative leader David Cameron is to accuse Labour of "moral failure" and presiding over a country in both economic and social recession.

In a speech, he will say the UK rewards parents who split up and is a place where professionals are told to follow rules rather than do what is best.

Mr Cameron will mention the case of two brothers being sentenced later for attacking two boys in South Yorkshire.

The government said the case was "uniquely terrible and extremely rare".

BBC News - David Cameron accuses Labour of 'moral failure'

Not sure was a "moral recession" is?  Don't know if I want to know.  But with a sudden flood of good UK economic news the Tories need to change the entire focus to something else, and it looks like Cameron has gone through another one of those changes in a matter of days most people would take decades to carry out.  From a belt tightening budget fixer to a social engineer prepared to radically change government policy for traditional moral categories.  I am not precisely sure what Cameron thinks that the government in London can do to stop a single crime in the North of the Country.
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