Thursday, January 28, 2010

Celizic: CBS making huge mistake with Tebow ad - Super Bowl XLIV-

I know why CBS is running an ad sponsored by Focus on the Family and starring Tim Tebow. It needs the money.

There is no other reason — and certainly no good reason — for anyone, including a television executive, to decide that the ethical standards which had stood for generations are suddenly no more worth preserving than that hairball the cat just coughed up. Advertising revenues are down throughout the industry, and one way to combat that is to accept ads you used to refuse from organizations dedicated to bigotry and divisiveness.

And so we get an anti-abortion ad by a homophobic organization during the biggest sporting event of the year. At a time when we’re all sitting together watching the big game, we’ll have another reason to argue and yell at each other.


The Super Bowl ad will apparently feature the quarterback and his mother, who was advised to abort the pregnancy that resulted in his birth. But she refused, and, lo, unto her a quarterback was born. It will no doubt be a very heartwarming spot. I guess the point is that if Tebow’s mother had followed the doctors’ advice, the world would have been deprived of a desperately needed football player and there would not have been a Heisman Trophy winner in 2007.The Super Bowl doesn’t need it, and neither do we.

You want to stuff your religion down my throat, have the decency to come and ring my doorbell like a good Mormon or Jehovah’s Witness. Then I can at least share with you my own fervently held belief:

You are a presumptuous and pompous gasbag.

Celizic: CBS making huge mistake with Tebow ad - Super Bowl XLIV-
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