Monday, February 22, 2010

About the National Bullying Helpline

Bully in Sight - How to predict, resist, challenge and
combat workplace bullying - Tim Field

Tim Field's unique insight into bullying, gained from personal experience, enables everyone to appreciate the causes, consequences and costs of this inappropriate but widespread management style which needlessly blights the lives of so many ordinary hard- working people. As one of the UK's leading specialists on workplace bullying, Tim regularly gave talks, presentations and training workshops, appeared on radio and television and was featured in newspapers and magazines. His work was pioneering and simply years ahead of its time. Christine Pratt, founder of The National Bullying Helpline, assisted Tim with content for his book and often assisted Tim with Employment Law content for his website also. See Acknowledgements, page xi of Bully In Sight. £16.95 + £2.30 postage and packaging

Anyone who has concerns about our operations is welcome to visit our offices. Don't make assumptions and don't believe an unqualified 'third party' who has never visited us and/or who may have an axe to grind. Our processes are open and transparent. Call today if you would like to visit our call centre. We would welcome you.


IS YOUR BOSS MAD? - Jill Walker. 'A Company is like a tree full of monkeys. The ones at the top look down and all they see is lots of happy faces smiling up at them. The monkeys down below look up into the branches above and all they can see are a...holes..." £12.99 + £2.30 postage and packaging only. "This book could save your life. It's a surgical handbook for managing your boss better than they manage you." Guy Browning. Guardian Columnist.

THE BULLYING PROBLEM - Alan Train. £12.99 + postage and packaging only. 'If you are anxious about your child's difficult behavior and think that this could be linked to bullying, you have shown initiative and courage in choosing to read this book. Most parents would prefer to deny that the child they love might be a victim..' Bullying wrecks lives - it can not only destroy children's happiness but also seriously damage children's capacity for learning and for enjoying school'. Esther Rantzen.

Order Now : Write to us. Send a cheque for the cost of the book plus postage and package to: The National Bullying Helpline. 15 Dorcan Business Village. Swindon. SN3 5HY and enclose your cheque to the value of the book plus postage and packaging. Don't forget to let us have your correct postal address.

About the National Bullying Helpline

Oddly enough for a helpline it has a shopping basket and offers more information for £10. 

Now none of this may be true, after all it does say "We never share your details with anyone else. All correspondence is confidential." which turned out to be a lie.

The big question though is why would members of the Civil Service working at No. 10 who has some of the best employee support in the world call a Swindon based service that was just founded about 2 years ago? 

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