Monday, February 15, 2010

BBC News - Australia anti-immigration politician immigrates to UK, fails to see joke.

Australian former anti-immigration politician Pauline Hanson is selling up and heading to Britain, according to an interview with an Australian magazine.

She told Women's Day that Australia was no longer a land of opportunity and she had "had enough" of living there.

Ms Hanson built a career on claims that Australia was being "swamped by Asians"

She was jailed briefly for fraud before the conviction was quashed. Her efforts to stage a political comeback in recent years have failed.

"I'm going to be away indefinitely. It's pretty much goodbye forever," said Ms Hanson, 56.

"I've really had enough. I want peace in my life. I want contentment, and that's what I'm aiming for."

She told the magazine she would "never be given a chance to re-enter parliament" and wanted to "get out there" while she still had her health.

"Sadly, the land of opportunity is no more applicable," she said, blaming high taxes, over-regulation and a "lack of true representation".

Ms Hanson's father was born in England before emigrating to Australia, meaning she has the right to live in the UK.

BBC News - Australia race politician Pauline Hanson moving to UK
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