Friday, February 26, 2010

BBC News - Charity Commission investigates bullying charity

The Charity Commission is investigating the charity at the centre of a row over claims of bullying at Downing Street.

It said it had received more than 160 complaints about the National Bullying Helpline and had moved to prevent any more details of calls being disclosed.

Helpline chief executive Christine Pratt was criticised for saying it had been contacted by Downing Street staff amid claims about the PM's behaviour.

The helpline was suspended on Wednesday while the service considers its future.

Mrs Pratt spoke out last weekend following allegations in a book about Gordon Brown's temper and behaviour towards staff.

BBC News - Charity Commission investigates bullying charity

Comment from Cameron soon?  Monday the well established Bully himself Cameron called for an investigation after this charity made these statements. Now that it turns out the accuser is the one with the most to answer for where is the "honest" "new" politician who is going to regain the nations trust.

This ugly incident shows Cameron's bad habit of stepping in to messes, from the EU to wavering on commitments on spending and the economy and now to a bully investigation Cameron seems to be one of those rare humans with brains, but with not ability to reflect upon the potential consequences of what he may do.

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