Sunday, February 28, 2010

BBC News - David Cameron tells of 'patriotic duty' to oust Labour

David Cameron is expected to declare that it is his "patriotic duty" to oust Gordon Brown when he speaks at the Conservative's spring conference.

The Tory leader is due to say the party has a duty to win because Britain is in a "complete and utter mess".

He is set to deliver his 40-minute speech without notes as he rallies the party for the general election amid signs their poll lead is narrowing.

The Conservatives have announced their election slogan is "Vote for Change".

The election must be held by June, but it is widely expected to take place on 6 May.

'Broken society'

Recent polls have suggested the Conservative lead over Labour may be narrowing, and Mr Cameron is under pressure to appeal to voters.

BBC News - David Cameron tells of 'patriotic duty' to oust Labour

So again we get the precise details from the Shadow Government. They must rule because it is there duty. Why is it their duty? Because the UK is in a mess? What kind of mess is the UK in? It has a broken society? What has made the society broken? Things start to go a bit woolly at this point but there seems to be an implication that "broken Britain" (when unemployment still is 2% below US) seems to be broken because of levels of public spending. Never mind that the the Tories did not say anything when the crisis was happening, now that they are out of power polling data as indicated that this is the one thing to be critical of right now.

And when will cuts come, how large, and is there a danger of public spending cuts coming too soon and harming the overall spending levels in the economy where the private sector is still holding back spending? Well this is where the crisp clean lines to Cameron come undone. All these silly little details.

But it must be said that the details of cuts and spending levels are the only drama of the keynote. The Tory policy is in a constant state of flux on this and it will be interesting to see if Cameron comes out with yet another goal post or if he is goin


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