Saturday, February 06, 2010

Norman Tebbit mauls David Cameron -

Norman Tebbit yesterday launched a stinging attack on David Cameron for being all spin and no substance.

The former Tory chairman said the Conservative leader's reliance on slick PR techniques had backfired.

"I am not sure that it is possible to sell politics quite like soap powders or organic vegetables," Lord Tebbit wrote on his blog.

"Margaret Thatcher would sometimes listen to a clever plan from one of her ministers quietly, then dismiss it out of hand with the words 'Far too clever'.

"So if I were an election planner in Camp Cameron I would be beginning to ask myself why there has now been a slow erosion of the Tory lead over the last year or 18 months."

Erosion The criticism from the man once regarded as Mrs Thatcher's chief rottweiler follows a similar attack by Lord Tebbit in 2007 when he dismissed Mr Cameron as being "out of touch" with ordinary British people.

Lord Tebbit spoke out after a string of recent polls showed a whittling down of the Tories' lead over Labour. A survey this week said the gap between the two main parties was now just seven points, with Mr Cameron's party flatlining on 38 points.

Norman Tebbit mauls David Cameron -
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