Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tories turn right to mend their broken poll lead - UK Politics, UK - The Independent

In yet another turn in the Tory Story:

The Conservatives would abandon Labour's belief that "pumping" money into the most deprived areas is the way to solve Britain's social problems, a rising star of David Cameron's team says today amid signs that the panic-stricken party is turning to the right to curb a fall in the polls.

As the Tory leader prepared for his final conference speech today before the general election with the slogan "vote for change", a battle at the top of the party over strategy appeared to have been won by those favouring a hardline core-vote agenda.

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, in charge of Tory plans to mend Britain's "broken society", says the party would send out a "strong signal" that "money is not always the answer" to deprivation. Using Thatcherite language, in an interview with The Independent on Sunday, she says a Tory government would oversee a "retrenchment of the state" – but the difference under Mr Cameron would be funding social entrepreneurs and volunteers to "reinvigorate" local communities.

Tories turn right to mend their broken poll lead - UK Politics, UK - The Independent

Some details finally.  This is probably just what they wanted all along, and it sure is change.  But in reaching back to policies that Thacher might have found right wing is the party really reaching to 21st Century Britain?

Also the idea that problems not solved by a little money would be solved by even less, or that poverty will be beaten by reducing the flow of money to poor areas is 30 years out of date.  It was tried, it did not work.  Tories may have critics of New Labour policies, but under New Labour millions of formerly poor people have seen their living standards improve.  Returning to policies that had far harder impact on the UK, say the Major Recession was just as painful to the people as the Thacher Recession despite a decade and a half of free marekt social engineering.

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