Wednesday, March 03, 2010

BBC News - Job market in Britain 'continues to improve'

The UK jobs market is continuing to improve, with the biggest growth in new permanent staff positions for two and a half years, a report has claimed.

More full-time jobs were added last month than at any time since July 2007, said the study by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation and KPMG.

However, it cautioned that the rise in temporary positions in February was the slowest for three months.

It also said plans to cut public sector jobs may impact on the wider economy.

'Road to recovery'

The report said the growth in new job creation was being led by the IT sector; as well as engineering and construction, which it said were "clearly on the rebound".

"The latest figures seem to confirm that the UK jobs market is on the road to recovery," said KPMG's head of business services, Bernard Brown.

"However, this all comes with one big warning - the impact of the inevitable public sector recession on the jobs market has yet to be felt, and will be played out over the next six months."

The report is compiled from speaking to 400 employment consultancies.

Demand for more staff has now grown for five consecutive months, according to the study.

BBC News - Job market in Britain 'continues to improve'

So it looks like as long as current policy remains in place we won't see 3 million out of work.  All bets off if policy is changed radically soon.
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