Sunday, April 04, 2010

BBC - dot.Rory: Does the blogosphere matter?

BBC - dot.Rory: Does the blogosphere matter?: "At every political party, no doubt, the high command is wondering nervously whether a few mis-spoken words on a blog could knock a whole campaign off course. But here's a question: is anybody actually listening?

I called a man at Nielsen Netratings, which compiles statistics on UK web audiences, and asked him to run his ruler over the political blogs. After having a look at the likes of and he warned that, with unique user figures well below 50,000, they were really too small to measure with any accuracy (see update below)."

Note: Blog numbers for this blog have dropped through the floor since we started blogging more about the UK election. Literally, no one cares, no one wants to talk about it and no one likes any of the candidates running. Its a sad year for a great nation. That still does not mean Cameron is not the British Bush, which he is, its just there is little national energy for any of the leaders. No matter what outcome I suspect the next parliament will be very week and a new election will be in the coming years, I could be wrong but that is my feeling from trying to talk to people.

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