Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The conflict of Bondage

The conflict of Bondage

One striking feature of Second Life sexual place space the the role that bondage, fetish and sadomasochistic role play.  One might ask why these emerges to prominently in a virtual reality mediated set of sexual exchanges.

An obvious answer would be that the nature of exchanges of sexual acts and messages reflects the nature of exchange taking place in the space itself.   The global internet can be seen making all identity and exchange as a commodity.  The impersonal outsourced nature of internet network exchanges is reflected in the fetish nature of Second Life sexual exchanges. 

Bondage sexuality with its fetish of roles and clothing reveal the relationships of power, gender, and commodity that govern Late Capitalist economy.  One could say that bondage RP visualizes the dominate nature of social relationships.  This could be seen as a process of making this network more attractive, but at base the monopoly of Late Capitalist consumerist ideology itself can account for its appearance within the sexuality of virtual exchanges.

But there is another side to the relationship of Late Capitalism to the tribes of virtual sadomasochists.  Second Life BDSM play is often fused with a entire setting that stresses the medieval or ancient.  Bondage play is imagined taking place in a context castles, aristocrats, slave markets, and landed estates.  It is also interesting that feudal and ancient social practices are mixed.  Landed castles are also the scenes of massive Romanian like slave. The past is combined, but it is all united by being pre-Capitalist.  This provides the strange scenes of feudal castles full of small advertisements for animations and clothing. 

This leads to the observation of a contradition: that "players" in sexual games in Second Life both embrace a radically Capitalist framework for construcing their sexuality at the same time as imagining a context that pre-dates Capitalism and promises a return to forms or exchange that predate Industry, Globalisation and trade.

This conflict between structures made possible only by the Global Late Capitalist system and nostalgia for an imagined pre-Capitalist purity run through Second Life.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

The next PM?

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Before and After the UK General Election

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Thursday, May 06, 2010

The election everyone may have lost

BREAKING NEWS Police have been called to some polling stations to move on people who wanted to vote but couldn't because they were still queuing outside at 10pm. In the Manchester Withington constituency, about 200 people were turned away. A spokesman for the returning officer for Manchester said: "The law states that the doors to polling stations must be closed at 10pm exactly, and no-one may be issued with a ballot paper after 10pm." From the BBC
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But, if the postal voting comes in for Lib Dems...

But if the strange estimate that Lib Dems will lose seats turns out to be wrong and the early postal voting when the Lib Dems were actually in the lead comes out to be true, the entire balance of power easily shifts.

Then again if Conservatives do just a tiny bit better they may be able to form a government, but statements by Cameron indicate that he does not see that.
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Current Project of 2010 Hung Parliament

Exit polls indicate an outcome like the one above. Lib Dems do much of nothing and Labour is second party. Conservative should be able to form a minority government, but this result seems set to not please anyone. Everyone will be disappointed with it. Labour will loss almost 100 seats, Lib Dems will not make an impact and Conservatives who were so far ahead will not even have a majority.

Perhaps this is democracy. But democracy seems to be more and more the voters saying, collectively, they want nothing with running the nation.
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