Friday, June 18, 2010

Under the Tories there is no such thing as a good Government program, unless it benefits the City

BBC News - Free swims for children and over-60s in England axed: "Consultants Pricewaterhouse Coopers were asked to examine the swimming scheme to see if it had increased the number of swimmers and the 'health and consequent economic benefits'.

Their report said in the first year of the scheme 261 local authorities applied for the programme most of which had offered free swims to children and the over-60s but 64 of which concentrated on the over-60s.

The analysis showed that more youngsters took up the offer than over-60s. It also shows that the scheme encouraged more paying swimmers to take part - for example adults accompanying children.

About 138,000 extra paying customers went swimming in the first year of the scheme.

It also said that over-60s who took part increased their swimming sessions so the number reaching the government-recommended average of 30 minutes exercise a day went up from 66.2% of those surveyed to 78.4%."

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