Wednesday, September 15, 2010

BBC News - Tim Berners-Lee calls for free internet worldwide

BBC News - Tim Berners-Lee calls for free internet worldwide

The inventor of the Web has called for everyone to have access to his creation for free.

BBC News - Twitter's first revamp in four years is major overhaul

Twitter has undergone its first major facelift which aims to provide a rich multi-media experience for its 160 million users.

BBC News - Twitter's first revamp in four years is major overhaul

Mobile: The Next Frontier for Enterprise Content Management

Vendors have traditionally taken a heavy-handed approach to the "management" part of ECM, locking down content and dictating its movement through highly structured workflows. This made sense in the client-server paradigm, where security meant keeping information and collaboration within the firewall.

Mobile: The Next Frontier for Enterprise Content Management

I have to disagree, this kind of approach almost never made sense. Central control of information is impossible on various levels. Firstly not central system can cover all the information needs that are likely to arise of users and therefore becomes a block as often as a help. Also users will not allow themselves to be centrally controlled like this, and they either simply don't do their work because there are too many hurdles, or they find ways to get the information and contact they need around the control of the organisations.

It is my opinion models need to support creative users not program human seen as nothing more than fleshy robots. Information work, at least at its higher ends, will always require creativity and responding to uncertainty and to win business in today's climate you need to provide the grounding for agility and flexibility without surrendering to chaos at almost all levels.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Is 'Twilight' altering teen minds? - Health - Behavior -

Is 'Twilight' altering teen minds? - Health - Behavior -

It's a potentially sucky situation. The vampire craze in teen literature – exemplified by the "Twilight" book series – could be affecting the dynamic workings of the teenage brain in ways scientists don't yet understand.

"We don't know exactly how literature affects the brain, but we know that it does," said Maria Nikolajeva, a Cambridge University professor of literature. "Some new findings have identified spots in the brain that respond to literature and art."

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tensions flare in NYC after 9/11 ceremonies - U.S. news - 9/11: Nine Years Later -

"Stop bending down to them. Stop placating them. No special treatment," said Alice Lemos, 58, speaking of Muslims and holding a small American flag on a stick. "This isn't about religion. This is about rubbing our faces in their victory over us."

Tensions flare in NYC after 9/11 ceremonies - U.S. news - 9/11: Nine Years Later -

Alice Lemos said it all. Americans on the Right have essentially been ignoring the war in Iraq for 6 years now. Since the surge the story has gone off TV. In the absence of news many Americans imagined the war had turned some kind of corner and that the objects of making Iraq a democratic Capitalist state were being accomplished. These objectives were pasted on to the war after WMD were not found and the government in exile was rejected, and the true deeper objective of somehow righting 9/11 could never be meet. Nothing short of the utter destruction of subjugation of all Muslims would placate many of these people.

This is the first 9/11 where it is no longer possible for many to image that the United States is on the road to triumph of any kind in Iraq. Just as at the end of Vietnam America is facing the task of masking a clear and obvious defeat. The objects of finding WMD was not meet because the intelligence was wrong. After over 7 years in Iraq the Americans live a nation full of terrorism, a government in chaos, a democratic system that does not work, and a collapsed economy. Yet America is still leaving because the combined efforts of different Iraqi groups has effectively liberated their country from total American domination.

2010 is the year when the defeat of Iraq has sunk in to the thick skulls of the die hard Bush supporters who have now for the Tea Party. The Tea Party is the first large neo-fascist organisation to for in the United States since the KKK. Its recent move from opposing health care to first targeting Mexicans who might try to flee the hell of Mexican poverty to come to America to work for jobs no Americans want at wages no Americans can live on. After targeting Mexicans and getting full GOP support the Tea Party has now taken aim at Muslims. The desire is to drive Islam out of the United States.

Fascist parties, we now know for sure, form out of Capitalist societies under intense strain and change. They generally take some imagined affront to national and racial dignity as a core issue. They begin always with claims of the restoration of nation dignity and pride. They make appeals to Nation, Religion, hard work, and law and they always cluster around a specific racial group and racial identity. They become obsessed with the past, looking to hero so long dead they are easy to lie about.

Glenn Beck is probably the key agent in the transformation of defeat after the utter failure of George W. Bush in to a active fascist party in the United States. His hijacking of Martin Luther King Day can be seen as a Nuremberg Rally for the Tea Party. When the groups broke up and went home they found that there was no way they could or would apply their ideology to helping their community. With the private sector still devastated from 2005-2008 collapse of housing and banking they can't just build their business more. Their are no private sector opportunities in this economy just as there were none in the depression. They can talk Capitalism but they can't act Capitalism. Nor do they have the time or money to do charity work they claim will make health care reform needless. The Global Right can talk charity but its policies of free market reforms and restricting workers rights have given people very little time to give to charity.

So what does the Tea Party member take in his home in the rural south have to express his frustration. Well it is obvious not a big lead from depicting Obama as a monkey to depicting the Mexican family down the street of Muslim family in the next community as a monkey, and that is precisely what has happened. In the face of defeat in Iraq and defeat on health care the last generation to be dominated by White Conservatives in the United States has re-embraced the fascism of their youth. The issue has gone so far that it is now common to read Americans who hold that the Constitution does not now apply to Muslim citizens.

What will happen? This community is getting old, in about 10 years enough will likely die off that they will not matter. But medical technology is improving all the time, and we may be facing a negative consequence in our politics of the benefits of longer life, with more neo-fascist movements able to get support of people who mentality is 50 years out of date. This group has already pushed the war in Iraq, so there is little hope for the future with them.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Did Happy Days really jump the shark when it jumped the shark? Maybe Not

First Person: In defense of the 'Happy Days' ' 'Jump the Shark' episode -

"Which brings us to the question: Was the 'Hollywood 3' episode of 'Happy Days' deserving of its fate?

No, it wasn't. All successful shows eventually start to decline, but this was not 'Happy Days'' time. Consider: It was the 91st episode and the fifth season. If this was really the beginning of a downward spiral, why did the show stay on the air for six more seasons and shoot an additional 164 episodes? Why did we rank among the Top 25 in five of those six seasons?"

"Happy Days"

Monday, September 06, 2010

The War Within WikiLeaks - Newsweek

The War Within WikiLeaks - Newsweek: "As frontman for, Julian Assange, the floppy-haired Australian computer hacker, has become an internationally celebrated advocate for would-be whistle-blowers. But now that Swedish prosecutors have reopened a rape investigation of Assange and continue an inquiry into allegations that he was involved in 'sexual coercion and sexual molestation'--all of which he denies--some fellow WikiLeaks activists are considering asking him to step down from his role as the group's public face, or ousting him if he won't leave voluntarily.


Thursday, September 02, 2010

BBC News - William Hague 'has Cameron's full support' over rumours

BBC News - William Hague 'has Cameron's full support' over rumours: "She said Mr Cameron, who is on paternity leave, was not making any new statement on the issue but had given the foreign secretary his full backing throughout."

In other words the Prime Minister, who is in the middle of the most radical transformation of British society in modern history would come her and explain who Hague is not a fudge packer it himself, only he is away on prolonged leave at the moment.

WikiLeaks 'Insurance' File: Julian Assange's Group Posts Huge Encrypted File To Web

WikiLeaks 'Insurance' File: Julian Assange's Group Posts Huge Encrypted File To Web: "LONDON — Online whistle-blower WikiLeaks has posted a huge encrypted file named 'Insurance' to its website, sparking speculation that those behind the organization may be prepared to release more classified information if authorities interfere with them.

At 1.4 gigabytes, the file is 20 times larger than the batch of 77,000 secret U.S. military documents about Afghanistan that WikiLeaks dumped onto the Web last month, and cryptographers say that the file is virtually impossible to crack – unless WikiLeaks releases the key used to encode the material.

'There's no way that anyone has any chance of figuring out what's in there,' Paul Kocher, president of US-based Cryptography Research, said Thursday."

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Daily Swarm - Ping, Apple's New Social Network, Is Homophobic; Censors Lady Gaga's Pro-Gay Messages...

The Daily Swarm - Ping, Apple's New Social Network, Is Homophobic; Censors Lady Gaga's Pro-Gay Messages...: "The new iTunes social network Ping will let you connect directly with your favorite artists, but Apple’s promotional image for the new feature conveniently omits a string of Tweets from Lady Gaga’s timeline in which she protests anti-gay marriage legislation Proposition 8.

It’s a little thing, but given the controversies Apple has faced around app store censorship, and the direct-to-audience promise of both Twitter (and presumably Ping), it certainly seems notable. Apparently the company wanted to have its cake and eat it too when it came to one of the world’s most famous, and outspoken, musical artists."

Is every Tory a faggot?

BBC News - William Hague's adviser Christopher Myers resigns: "William Hague's special adviser has resigned over 'untrue and malicious' allegations made against him, the Foreign Secretary has said.

Mr Hague said suggestions Christopher Myers' appointment was due to an improper relationship between them were 'utterly false'.

In a statement, he also denied his marriage to wife Ffion was in trouble.

He revealed they have suffered multiple miscarriages and are still grieving the loss of a pregnancy this summer."

The UK biggest social issue you hear nothing abuot.

Alcohol related hospital admissions soar - Home News, UK - The Independent: "Hospital admissions due to alcohol have risen by 825 a day in five years to almost a million, researchers found today.

There were 945,469 admissions to hospital for alcohol-related harm in England in 2008/09, they said."

If each one of those admissions cost the nation a total 10,000 pounds combined losses and costs (which strikes me as rational) the UK has an expense of 10 billion in costs total related to alcohol just in England over just 2 years.

And what is being proposed by the new or former governments to do anything about this? Well almost nothing. Alcohol related health problems is not a big vote getter.